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Digitization of the last mile

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“Situations such as the one created by COVID-19 have shown that it is necessary to be able to do business remotely, without having to travel, digitally and with legal value. Especially at times when government offices and many companies have been closed,” says María Luisa Blasco, its CEO. The unstoppable digitalization of companies and citizens […]

More functionality in the integration of Noticeman web services

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Noticeman certified delivery platform generates electronic evidence both when the last mile is resolved in digital form and when it is delivered by postal means. EADTrust contributes to the digital transformation of companies with electronic tools that facilitate entities’ processes and reduce friction in the user experience when managing digital evidence. In the process of […]

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Registered email with content and delivery proof

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Noticeman is the name of this service, provided by EADTrust and available since 2011. It provides registered electronic mail services (or electronic delivery as is named nowadays) that are valid in all european countries since “Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market” regulation was aproved in april 2014 and published later that year. With this […]

EADTrust Noticeman certified email correo certificado carta certificada burofax

Registered electronic mail

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EADTrust is fostering its Electronic Delivery Trust Service named Noticeman which is in fact a certified electronic mail service. This service is legally valid in any jurisdiction and under any applicable law, since it is based in electronic evidence management (electronic custody and electronic signature) and reinforced with digital timestamps for everyone of the five (5) communication steps involved in an electronic […]