eidas conformity

As part of the Digital Agenda programme announced in 2010, the European Union has issued Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS) on electronic identification and trusted electronic services for electronic transactions.

This Regulation establishes an electronic identification standard to harmonize and make online transactions secure across Europe, specifically through trust services.

Trust services make it possible to verify the identity on the Internet, and also the integrity of messages exchanged over the Net. They are, therefore, a key element in removing barriers to e-markets, as they enhance information security and contribute to create an atmosphere of trust.

EADTrust offers consultancy services to all companies that want to adapt their services to these regulations. We have a team of experts specialized in electronic signatures, timestamps, electronic notifications, as well as the authentication of websites and other trusted services, which will advise and accompany you in the process of adaptation to the eIDAS Regulation and other relevant technical standards: ISO 27001, ETSI EN 319 401- 422 and the Requirements of the CAB Forum.


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