When we send a registered letter through the postal service, it takes several days to arrive from the post office to its destination. In addition, there is always the possibility that it will be lost or given to others.

Noticeman is EADTrust’s platform for sending certified emails. It makes it possible to send emails ensuring the identity of the sender and the receiver, the integrity of the notification and the exact moment at which each of the milestones of the notice takes place.

In addition to recording all the steps of the communication, Noticeman manages the provision of consent with respect to what is communicated, allowing the completion of contracts. Therefore, our certified emails can be used as an electronic contracting platform.

Sending certified mail through Noticeman includes:

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Record (proof of notification)

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Notices of non-receipt

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Timestamps of the different events of the notification

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Custody in our Chartulary


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