EADTrust provides consulting services to trust service providers that are not aligned with the eIDAS Regulation (EU Regulation No. 910/2014). This European regulation establishes a single legal framework for trust services and electronic identification systems.

As established by eIDAS, there are two types of trust service providers: qualified and non-qualified. The qualification will depend on compliance with the technical requirements and their recognition by a supervisory body, which in Spain is the State Secretariat for Digital Advancement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

For all those companies that implement their management following other regulations, such as the CAB Forum guidelines related to WebTrust and the ETSI Technical Standards; or that provide services not included in the mentioned European standard, such as Certified Digitalization, EADTrust offers its consultancy services.

“We are experts in Digital Trust”

EADTrust provides these digital trust service providers with the advice and know-how of a team of experts specialized in certified digitalization,  non-qualified time stamps, electronic forums and votes, reliable verification of web publications and other trust services, which will accompany you in the process of optimizing your management system, in order to guarantee the climate of trust and security in the consumer target audience of these services.


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