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In compliance with Regulation 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council

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Focused on the digitalization of process

Our goal is to provide companies with new technological tools

EADTrust Prestador de servicios de confianza cualificado

We are a Certification Authority

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EADTrust servicios cualificados qualified services eidas trust service provider

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, we issue electronic certificates and timestamps.

EADTrust Auditoria Audit eIdas Trust Service Prestador de servicios de confianza

As experts in digital legislation, EADTrust offerS audit services of Certified Scanning and Electronic Signature.

EADtrust Servicios de confianza Trust services

We offer services such as Digital Custody, Certified Notifications, Private Key Custody, Corporate Services, among others.

EADTrust Consultoría Consultancy Consulting Compliance

We offer consulting services specialized in security and legality in digital environments, with our own methodology that guarantees the lawfulness of the process.

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With our electronic certificates you will be able to identify yourself in your transactions on the Internet and sign electronically

We are experts in Digital Trust endorsed by both national and international public bodies.

We have been accompanying our clients in their digitalization processes for more than ten years.