Certificate of Legal Entity Representative

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Legal Entity Representative Certificate

What's it for?

EADTrust’s legal entity representative certificate is a digital certificate which allows the authentication and electronic signature of natural persons who are linked to a legal entity by means of an appointment as a legal representative or administrator or proxy. 

This way, the subscriber can identify himself in the scope of his activity as a representative of the legal entity in a secure and reliable form by linking his private key with the respective public key contained in the certificate. It also allows to guarantee the integrity of documents signed by the subscriber in his capacity as representative of the legal entity and that he does not repudiate the mentioned document later on, denying its authorship or its integrity.

They are valid for two years.

who can request it?

Applicants for certificates may be natural persons acting in the name and on behalf of a legal person with which a contractual relationship is established, specifying the scope of the representation.


Applicants for certificates may be The subscriber, i.e. the holder and responsible for the use of the certificate, will be the natural person who can prove his identity and appointment as representative through a power of attorney or any other means admitted by law. 

what documentation do i need?

To obtain this certificate it is necessary to present:
  • The identity card (DNI, NIE or passport).
  • Documents that guarantee the identity or existence of the legal entity to be represented:
    • Identification number of the entity/public administration (CIF/NIF/VATT).
    • Details of the address of the entity/public administration.
    • Telephone numbers and e-mail address for contacting the directors of the entity/government.
  • Documents accrediting the representation link with the legal entity in question.
    • Power of attorney, accrediting the representation in force.
    • A sworn statement that the power of attorney is in force and has not been previously revoked.

How do I request it?

EADTrust offers two modalities:


+34 91 716 05 55