Timestamping is a mechanism that proves the exact moment in which a digital action took place.

EADTrust’s Timestamp Authority acts as a Trusted Third Party, ensuring that at that particular moment the data existed and that it could not have been modified without being detected.

When this mechanism is applied to electronic signatures, it guarantees that the signatures were made at a given time and if the certificate was not revoked (which is indicated with a validation service), it means that the electronic signatures were valid.

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EADTrust is connected with satellites synchronized with atomic clocks. We guarantee the link of documents to UTC time

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Through webservice we receive the hash of the document and we return it in a token signed with an electronic

This service is used in a great variety of procedures that need to guarantee the exact moment of a communication between people; between people and companies; and between companies as, for example, in moments of logistics deliveries.


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