We offer firms that hold General Meetings of Shareholders the Attested Publication Certificate of the call on their website, the Forum and the Electronic Vote to comply with the Corporate Enterprises Act.

Our Timestamp allows to prove with all guarantees the exact moment in which a digital event occurred, leaving an irrefutable record of the date, time and content of the event by means of cryptography.

EADtrust has developed a technology that allows any user to digitally store documents, being able to prove their authenticity through CSV and their inalterability through advanced cryptographic methods.

This is a certified e-mail and SMS management platform which makes it possible to record the identity of the sender, the receiver, the content and the exact moment at which the communications took place.

For Due Diligence processes, our service allows access to information 24/7, from anywhere. We guarantee security and confidentiality and certify the info so it can be included as an annex to the agreement.

We celebrate key creation ceremonies, generating symmetric pairs of keys. These are formed by the public key, given to the client, and the private key, kept by us to guarantee the integrity of the keys.

What are

trust services?

Trust services consist of:

  • the creation, verification and validation of electronic signatures, electronic seals or electronic timestamps, certified electronic delivery services and certificates relating to these services, or
  • the creation, verification and validation of certificates for website authentication, or
  • the preservation of electronic signatures, seals or certificates relating to these services.


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