An advanced electronic signature is a group of data that is associated with an electronic document and:

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It is uniquely linked to the signatory.

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It is capable of identifying the signatory

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It is created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can, with a high level of confidence, use under his sole control.

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It is linked to the data signed therewith in such a way that any subsequent change in the data is detectable.

Electronic signatures play a very important role in the security of business transactions and other web applications. They allow the verification of the origin and integrity of the messages that are exchanged.

Today, an advanced electronic signature that lasts over time must contain more elements, such as timestamping and the certificate validation token. These elements provide valuable information, and therefore greater guarantees for the signature, facilitating the process of validating it for its receivers.

If your company has implemented electronic signature management systems that incorporate technologies that can define them as advanced, EADTrust offers an audit service that accredits before third parties the quality and security of the system.

In EADTrust we have designed a methodology that includes the requirements and standards demanded by the national and European legislation for the electronic signature, with the versatility that can be applied both in platforms and in components that are part of complete solutions.

EADTrust offers the possibility of auditing different types of signatures:


It is attributable and it unequivocally links the singer with the signature


It includes samples of biometric parameters, in this case, written consent


It includes samples of biometric parameters, in this case, oral consent

Our main goal is to verify that the software offers a guaranteed system to the user and that it has full legal validity. To this end, we have a team of experts who will ensure that it complies with the regulations.

The entities and solutions that pass the audit obtain a certificate of compliance and authorization to use the logo (quality seal) on the devices, in the offices, on the website, so that they transmit confidence to the users.


We will be pleased to answer your questions about any EADTrust service.