One of the challenges that companies face today is sustainability; they mean to achieve a balanced and profitable development without endangering resources.

So that companies align with the Sustainable Development Goals, EADTrust has implemented a multi-user platform that allows to easily manage the storage and custody of high volumes of documents: Chartulary.

This Digital Custody service can be applied to all cases in which a document must be available for long periods of time through a web service. For example: titles and academic records, official notifications, medical reports, proof of delivery…


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Elimination of paper and reduction of storage space

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Public access to documentation by any user

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Allowance of Digital Test and guarantee of security

Chartulary is developed in SaaS mode and it is available in Cloud Computing or Cloud ITC mode, facilitating a quick start up. In addition, it operates from different levels of administration and offers many functionalities in a flexible and scalable manner such as encryption, registration, traceability or time stamping.


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