Registered email with content and delivery proof

Noticeman is the name of this service, provided by EADTrust and available since 2011. It provides registered electronic mail services (or electronic delivery as is named nowadays) that are valid in all european countries since “Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market” regulation was aproved in april 2014 and published later that year. With this regulation, only government supervised Trust Service Providers can provide this kind of services. EAD Trust, Global Trust Service Provider based in Madrid (Spain) offers now these services at a discount price for international customers. Since Noticeman is designed mainly in spanish, all international customers will receive a refund for 50%  of all payments while the site is translated to english and other european languages. In the next link you can download the Noticeman leaflet (PDF, in spanish) with some use tips and a promotional code (coupon) so you can try it for free! If you liked this article, visit our blog or our website.