PSD2 EIDAS test Certificates (QWAC and QSeal)

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EADTrust is offering PSD2 EIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) test Certificates to ASPSPs and TPPs whishing to test their infrastructure. Call +34 917160555 and talk to our specialists to get the right certificate for your entity. QWAC and QSeal certificates are used in different context in PSD2 communications, to authenticate web servers and to electronically sign transactions in the Web API. The EIDAS Regulation (EU) […]

EADTrust Domain Validation Certificate QWAC

Certificates renovation

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The past days EADTrust generated new certificates since some of the previous were not valid any more. Now the current TSA (Timestamping Authority) certificates are: TSA 2. This is our “ElasTIC” resilient timestamping service deployed over Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). With high SLA (Service Level Agreement). Valid from 06/03/2013 to 06/03/2023 TSA 3. This is […]