How to process in EPREL the energy efficiency labels with Qualified Certificates for Legal Entities


Manufacturers and distributors of electrical appliances must replace the energy rating labels generated under the previous regulations with new ones (containing a QR code), which allow for a better choice of the most energy-efficient appliances.

To do so, they should access the European Commission’s EPREL database available here.

To access EPREL it is necessary to have an identification managed in the ECAS system (EU Login) of the European Union, so the first step is to register. To do so, it is convenient to have a cell phone and download the “EU Login Mobile” app, since the access to the community servers is reinforced with the identity control managed with the App.

The generation of energy labels is facilitated by a help website called Energy Label Generator.

An ECAS managed ID is required

To register in ECAS (EU Login) click here

And then “Create an account“.

Since a qualified legal entity certificate is required to manage the database for each distributor or manufacturer, it is advisable to contact EADTrust in advance (on + 34 91 716 05 55 or in their contact page) to obtain one.

A few days ago I commented in this blog the changes that were coming in relation to EPREL and that can already be checked from March 14, 2022.

If you need a QSeal certificate, you can find all the information on how to obtain it here.

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