Registration of products in the EPREL database with EADTrust certificates


EADTrust has verified the compatibility of its electronic certificates with the new EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) guidelines for electrical product efficiency.

From now on it will be necessary for the energy classification sheets of electrical products to be electronically signed or stamped with qualified electronic certificates such as those issued by EADTrust.

One of the most well-known, successful and long-lived energy policy tools for saving energy and costs for consumers is the EU energy label for electrical products.

European Commission adopts labeling requirements for specific product groups through delegated regulations


Although the regulatory framework has existed since 1994, it was first revised in 2010, and was last updated in 2017, through Regulation (EU) 2017/1369 setting a framework for energy labelling and repealing (“the Framework Regulation”).

Based on the Framework Regulation, the European Commission adopts labeling requirements for specific product groups through delegated Regulations.

The obligation for suppliers to register products stems from the Framework Regulation, which updates the energy efficiency labeling requirements for energy-related products.

The new labels will reallocate the levels of the scale

Apart from this, the Regulation also updated the energy labeling format. The 2010 revision of the Regulation allowed the extension of the energy scale beyond the letter A, introducing new classes (A+, A++ and A+++). Due to technological progress, an increasing number of equipment was classified in the higher levels.

There came a time when it became necessary to define the certification categories more finely so that the most efficient equipment could be differentiated from the rest.

For this reason, the new labels will reallocate the scale from running through levels A +++ to D to refer to levels A to G.

The Framework Regulation requires the creation of a “product database”.

Article 4 (“Obligations of suppliers in relation to the product database”) of the Regulation establishes the obligation of suppliers to register any new product model, within the scope of the Framework Regulation, before placing it on the market.

The European Commission has created an online database for energy labeled products.

Article 12 (“Product Database”) of the Regulation, mandates the European Commission to create and manage such an online database for energy labeled products.

The product database has 3 main functions:

  1. To enable the registration by suppliers of product models of products placed on the Union market, as required by legislation.
  2. To facilitate access by national market surveillance authorities to the technical documentation necessary for compliance monitoring.
  3. Allow consumers easy online public access to key information on product efficiency, including the energy label.

In addition, the platform associated with the EPREL database provides:

  • Suppliers, the option to generate Product Labels and Product Information Sheets (or Product Data Sheets) in all EU languages. The platform also provides a tool to generate a QR code, which redirects to the specific equipment in the database.
  • Distributors, the availability of electronic versions of labels and “product information sheets” (or “product fiches” according to the text of the repealed Directive). Both physical stores and e-commerce stores can download these documents from the Public Site or through specific Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Public administrations, public procurement managers and policy makers, information necessary for decision making on tendering procedures, the approach to possible grants and subsidies, the elaboration of fiscal measures and the like.

If you need a QSeal certificate, you can find all the information on how to obtain it here. You can contact EADTrust on +34 91 716 0555 (or 902 365 612) or in the contact page.