EADTrust España pionera en los pasaportes COVID


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In the last year and a half we have added a huge number of terms to our vocabulary, such as “new normal”, “flattening the curve”, “de-escalation” or “telework”. However, in recent months there is one term that dominates above all others: the “COVID Passport”. In general, we all have an idea of what the COVID […]

EADTrust Certificados web QWAC DV OV EV PSD2 Extended Validation

What are web certificates?

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We often hear about Internet scams, data theft or even hacking. It is essential to establish a series of security measures to prevent attacks of any kind. One of these formulas to protect ourselves is the installation of a TLS certificate, especially if your website involves data transfers (whether credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, emails, […]

EADTrust Organization Validation Certificate QWAC

EADTrust Quantum Cryptography Project

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EADTrust is developing a pilot project to implement the Shor algorithm in quantum computers, in order to factorize numbers used in RSA algorithms in polynomial rather than exponential time. Adiabatic quantum computation is also employed in suitable number factorization. Complementarily, EADTrust offers a service to obtain RSA private keys from the public key or a […]