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EPREL Certificate

What's it for?

The EPREL certificate is an EADTrust Entity or Legal Entity Seal certificate that is issued to companies that need to register in the European Product Register for Energy Labelling (EPREL).

This qualified certificate allows the identification and electronic sealing of the legal entity, it unequivocally represents an Entity and can therefore be used by companies beyond EPREL. They can, for example, seal invoices or authenticate themselves before public administrations.


Taking into account EPREL’s technical specifications, to complete the registration process it is necessary to stamp the verification document with a qualified seal. 

The difference between a signature and a seal is that the signature is made by a natural person and the seal is used by legal entities. In other words, it is the electronic version of the rubber stamp. However, in order for the seal to be qualified, the regulations require the Entity Seal certificate to be issued on a qualified signature creation device, i.e. a cryptographic token. 

Therefore, an EPREL certificate is an Entity Seal certificate, also known as QSealC, issued on a cryptographic device.

who can apply?

Applicants for this type of certificate must be natural persons with the capacity to act on behalf of the entity applying for the entity electronic seal certificate.


The subscriber, i.e. the holder and responsible for the use of the certificate, is the legal person, entity or organisation that holds the certificate that is linked to a private key. For this particular variant, companies that have to register with EPREL may be subscribers. 

what documentation do i need?

To obtain this certificate it is necessary to present:

  • Identification document of the natural person: DNI, NIE, PAS.
  • Power of Attorney, which accredits the current representation.
  • A sworn statement that the power is in force and has not been previously revoked.

You must also provide the following information:

  • Identification of the entity (CIF/NIF).
  • Details of the entity’s address.
  • Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the entity’s directors.
  • Copy of the statutes of creation of the entity.
In addition, companies that request it and already have a cryptographic device can reuse it. They only have to send it to us so that we can issue the certificate on it. 

How do I apply?

EADTrust offers three modalities:


+34 91 716 05 55