More functionality in the integration of Noticeman web services


Noticeman certified delivery platform generates electronic evidence both when the last mile is resolved in digital form and when it is delivered by postal means.

EADTrust contributes to the digital transformation of companies with electronic tools that facilitate entities’ processes and reduce friction in the user experience when managing digital evidence. In the process of continuous improvement of EADTrust, guaranteed by its ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1 and ISO 27001 certifications, new functionalities have been added to the Noticeman reliable notification systems integrated by web services, specially oriented to companies with high volumes of notifications.

With the option of “Massive Load” and “Mail Merge“, multiple sending is facilitated, leaving the platform the task of merging the customizable messages with the information of the recipient database. Attachments can be made up of the same (so you only need to upload them once) or different documents, or combinations of them.

With the same idea of multiple sending, the templates are personalized with parameterizable data obtained from the recipient database and individualized by the platform.

The templates allow the incorporation of images to make the messages sent more attractive. EADTrust even offers a service of template design that works directly with the staff of the entity.

The Backoffice tool collects all the information of the sending and through its menus allows to apply filters, make searches with several criteria and visualize or download the selected information (for example, according to the progress status of the notification).

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