EADTrust España pionera en los pasaportes COVID


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In the last year and a half we have added a huge number of terms to our vocabulary, such as “new normal”, “flattening the curve”, “de-escalation” or “telework”. However, in recent months there is one term that dominates above all others: the “COVID Passport”. In general, we all have an idea of what the COVID […]

Certified Scanning

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In Spain, certified scanning of invoices is a computerized process that allows obtaining digital copies of invoices with the same legal value as the paper original. Therefore, the existing legislation allows eliminating paper invoices from which digital invoices are obtained. The IT environment must include a secure database, which allows users and auditors to instantly […]

More functionality in the integration of Noticeman web services

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Noticeman certified delivery platform generates electronic evidence both when the last mile is resolved in digital form and when it is delivered by postal means. EADTrust contributes to the digital transformation of companies with electronic tools that facilitate entities’ processes and reduce friction in the user experience when managing digital evidence. In the process of […]

Certification of data room contents in Mergers and Acquisitions

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EADTRUST is the only Trusted Electronic Service Provider with the expertise to certify the content of virtual data rooms used by examiners in M&A operations (Due Diligence). Negotiating contracts or managing a merger is already a challenge. And with so many changes and so many documents coming and going during the negotiation process, there is […]

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New ISO 9001 – ISO 20000-1 – ISO 27001 certifications for EADTrust

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Recently, during this september 2016 EADTrust has passed a new assessment of its Integrated Management System in compliance of  a number of standards. At present, EADTrust is certified regarding international standards “UNE EN ISO 9001:2015“, “UNE ISO/IEC 27001:2014” and “UNE ISO/IEC 200001:2011″, through LRQA Business Assurance entity, with the following scope: The Integrated Information Management System granting support to consultancy, audit, development […]

EADTrust docuemtacion vigente currect docuements policy terms and conditions

ISO/TR 17068:2012. Information and documentation – Trusted third party repository for digital records.

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ISO/TR 17068:2012. Information and documentation  – Trusted third party repository for digital records. This standard establishes the requirements to be fulfilled by a third party service that both parties considered the guarantor of the authenticity of the documents . It is an option that is being used in other jurisdictions to exchange documents. This standard is […]

EADTrust Domain Validation Certificate QWAC

Certificates renovation

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The past days EADTrust generated new certificates since some of the previous were not valid any more. Now the current TSA (Timestamping Authority) certificates are: TSA 2. This is our “ElasTIC” resilient timestamping service deployed over Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). With high SLA (Service Level Agreement). Valid from 06/03/2013 to 06/03/2023 TSA 3. This is […]

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ISO 9001 – ISO 20000-1 – ISO 27001 Integrated Management System

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Between July and September 2013 EADTrust has passed an audit of its integrated management system with respect to a number of standards, expanding the scope of previous audits. At present, EADTrust is certified regarding regulations ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 20000-1:2011, through LRQA Business Assurance entity, with the following scope: The Integrated information Management Systems granting support to consultancy, audit, development and […]

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EADTrust presentation to investors

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EAD Trust offers SaaS model services based upon the digital signature (XadES and PadES) and electronic certificates. Other developments include: Electronic forum with access via electronic ID card (DNI-e), certified e- mail (Noticeman), Timestamping (RFC3161), verification of websites, elliptic curve electronic certificates, electronic invoicing (FACCIL). This is the (elevator pitch) video of presentation to investors (spanish language)http://www.madrimasd.org/emprendedores/empresas/FichaEmpresas.aspx?id=605