Noticeman: certified email


Do you need to send an important document but you don’t know if it will be delivered on time due to the State of Alarm? EADTrust has designed Noticeman, a platform for sending certified email.

The operation is very similar to that of certified letter or a burofax, as it allows to certify the act of communication, both in form and in time, so that you get a proof that the information has been sent.

Through Noticeman you can send emails guaranteeing the identities of the sender and the receiver, the integrity of the notification and the exact moments when the sending and reception took place, etc. In other words, it allows you to have proof that a notification has been made.


According to the Ministry of Health’s Guide to Good Practice in Workplaces, among the organizational measures is the need to inform workers in a reliable, up-to-date and regular manner of the health recommendations that they should follow individually. Noticeman makes it possible to carry out this reliable notification by email, facilitating and speeding up communications.

Thanks to this service, documents, invoices and contracts can be sent easily, quickly and at an affordable price.

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