Corporate Services and COVID-19


The health emergency unleashed by the coronavirus is causing all companies to rethink their course of action.


In order to facilitate the standardization of the processes to the companies, EADTrust offers its corporate services. Through these, companies can continue to carry out activities that otherwise, due to the state of alarm, could not be held.

The corporate services of EADTrust are:

This service, in principle oriented to the celebration of Shareholders Meetings, can be adapted to any other type of entity (universities, trade unions, professional associations, etc.) that have participation bodies. In this way, using a telematic system that allows voting from any place, users can exercise their right to vote in a secure way.

In order to comply with the Corporate Enterprises Act, this service allows for monitoring and certifying that the documents of the calls to the Meetings of Shareholders have been published during the period established by the Law and that no changes have been made to them.

This consists of the publication of an electronic forum that allows communication with the company’s shareholders before the General Meeting is held. Through this system, all the necessary documentation can be made available to shareholders in a simple, secure and user-friendly manner.

These services allow companies to continue with part of their activity, providing solutions to their shareholders and guaranteeing the security of the processes, as well as people, allowing them to act from home.

In addition, EADTrust offers to communicate any change to the shareholders through Noticeman, the certified mail service, leaving a record of the communication milestones and guaranteeing the identity of both the sender and the recipient. 

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