EADTrust at the COP25 Climate Summit


The digitalization of processes is a line of action that directly impacts on the reduction of emissions, on the efficiency and effectiveness of economic transactions and on the inclusion of citizens in remote regions in the global economy and with their own states.

EADTrust has presented at the COP25 Summit a set of digitization initiatives that solve several technological and legal challenges associated with the identity of people and that are compatible simultaneously with the European legislative framework (Regulation EU 910/2014) and with most national legislations.

The proposed services deal with improving the quality of identity in remote recruitment, either through voice biometric signatures, graphometric signature systems, video identification and electronic signatures or their subsequent management such as the certified digitization of existing documents or the archiving of electronic documents.

These services are, in themselves, pillars of inclusion for citizens in disadvantaged regions, guaranteeing them a reliable digital identity and with it access to other services (such as banking, insurance or state procedures) using existing infrastructures and improving their legal security.

By their very nature, they reduce the number of journeys required to complete a contract or a bureaucratic procedure and greatly simplify the subsequent management of these documents, which are already born electronically and do not require paper for their support.

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