Garrigues enters the digital trust business with the acquisition of 51% of EAD Trust.

Garrigues has acquired a 51% stake in EAD-Trust, a company specializing in the development of digital trust products and the provision of digital trust services, registered as a Qualified Provider of Electronic Trust Services at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. In this way, the firm positions itself in a key market such as digital trust, in the context of the upcoming eIDAS2 (Electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services 2) regulation, an initiative of the European Union to update the current regulations on trust and digital identity services and achieve a legal framework more suited to the needs of companies and citizens in an increasingly connected and digitized society.
With nearly 15 years of history, EAD-Trust develops digital services, products and customized projects. Its commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in its recognition as a Qualified Trusted e-Services Provider operating throughout Europe, after passing demanding compliance audits, which are in addition to its ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1 and ENS medium certifications. It issues qualified individual and legal entity certificates, qualified time stamps and qualified website certificates, and supports qualified seals and electronic signatures in the cloud. It also provides online contracting and communications interposition services. The work of trust service providers such as EAD-Trust will become even more relevant with the forthcoming entry into force of the new European regulation, which is expected this year, and which will redefine the market. In fact, this regulatory change will be a key development of the European digital identity EUID wallet, on which EAD-Trust is actively working.

The entry of Garrigues in its capital represents a strategic refocus for EAD-Trust, which will be reflected in the coming months in the launch of new products and services to strengthen its positioning in the digital trust market both in Spain and in the other countries in which the firm is present. Garrigues’ extensive experience in the digital economy and its regulatory vision from all perspectives of business law provide a guarantee of legal certainty for new products and services.

Fernando Vives, executive chairman of Garrigues, notes that “The digital economy is experiencing unprecedented growth, which brings with it the need to ensure legal certainty in every digital transaction. This investment in EAD Trust is a very important step in our strategy to develop and enable legal digital infrastructures in the coming years. We are confident that, hand in hand with EAD-Trust, we will be able to provide innovative and secure solutions to our clients, thus strengthening trust in digital transactions.”
Fernando Vives, executive chairman of Garrigues
Julián Inza, president of EAD-Trust, explains that “our mission is to promote the society of the future with ideas, products and services capable of minimizing those transactions that maintain the use of paper in case its probative value is necessary, given that it is already possible to generate, safeguard and present digital evidence of any activity or relationship with which to provide a technical response to all legal needs. We are in a world that needs to move from a physical to a digital paradigm and it is necessary to ensure the applicability of legal security tools in both. With Garrigues’ support, we are ready to move to the next level“.
Julián Inza, president of EADTrust

Garrigues is an international legal and tax services firm that advises locally, regionally and globally on all aspects of business law Garrigues’ strength lies in its team of more than 2,000

people who work across the board to solve its clients’ problems. And in the values that it shares in the 12 countries in which it operates on four continents: the highest quality of service, ethical commitment and an innovative approach to anticipating market needs. With the ultimate aim of contributing to generating an environment of security and trust that promotes the development of companies in a fairer, more ethical, responsible and sustainable society

EAD-Trust was created in 2009 to respond to the challenges of digitalization. Its objective is to help companies adapt to the new paradigm and provide them with the tools that guarantee the security, authenticity, integrity and legality of their processes. Its services focus on the creation, verification and validation of electronic signatures, electronic seals or electronic time stamps, certified electronic delivery services and certificates related to these services; the creation, verification and validation of certificates for website authentication; and the preservation of electronic signatures, seals 

or certificates related to these services, including modules for electronic invoicing systems and corporate electronic voting. It also offers complementary services to third-party systems for biometric signature, certified digitalization and certified accounting, among others.

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