Certification of systems and programs that support accounting, invoicing or management processes

“Law 11/2021, of July 9, on measures to prevent and combat tax fraud, transposing Council Directive (EU) 2016/1164, of July 12, 2016, laying down rules against tax avoidance practices that directly affect the functioning of the internal market, amending various tax rules and on the regulation of gambling.” It includes a set of requirements for […]

EADTrust presentation to investors

EAD Trust offers SaaS model services based upon the digital signature (XadES and PadES) and electronic certificates. Other developments include: Electronic forum with access via electronic ID card (DNI-e), certified e- mail (Noticeman), Timestamping (RFC3161), verification of websites, elliptic curve electronic certificates, electronic invoicing (FACCIL). This is the (elevator pitch) video of presentation to investors (spanish language) […]

EADTrust cooperates with Red.es fostering electronic invoice

Red.es promoted a General invitation to electronic invoice solution providers to cooperate with government related company Red.es in the development of actions oriented to foster electronic invoice use in SMEs ond other entities and among all candidate proposals has selected 10 of them, one of which is  EADTrust. EADTrust is a global trust operator developing technical services to […]