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EADTrust cooperates with Red.es fostering electronic invoice

EADTrust factura electrónica

Red.es promoted a General invitation to electronic invoice solution providers to cooperate with government related company Red.es in the development of actions oriented to foster electronic invoice use in SMEs ond other entities and among all candidate proposals has selected 10 of them, one of which is  EADTrust.

EADTrust is a global trust operator developing technical services to reinforce legal value of electronic documents and transactions for both companies and government bodies. Services such as  TimeStampingcertificate validationelectronic signature serviceselectronic invoiceregistered email y certified web publishing.

EADTrust, has developed an electronic invoice cloud computing service information page at http://www.efactura.org/ to foster electronic invoice use among SMEs, with lots of infomation about electronic invoicing and the posibility to join faccil electronic invoice cloud computing service for free.  Faccil is a software as a service (SaaS) on-line application allowing easy management of electronic invoices generating electronic signatures when needed without specific action by the invoice issuer. Faccil supports all required standards for electronic invoicing and electronic signature, making easy all legal compliance requirements.

You can register in the service whith promotion code ALBA-34569

Faccil description

  • Free electronic invoice management service including facturae 3.1 format with centralized electronic signature or esignature created with electronic citizen ID card.

The application allows editing invoices both to be printed or as a draft for electronic invoicing. All invoices can be visualized, printed or downloades at any moment.

  • XAdES-XL format electronic signature service and electronic delivery of invoices.

Electronic invoice generation with equivalent legal value to paper invoices, since invoices are electronically signed with a secure electronic signature creation device and a qualified electronic certificate.The resulting advanced signature also includes a timestamping and the OCSP signed certificate validation response, to become a XAdES-XL signature also known as a “complete electronic signature”

The service also is in charge of delivering the electronic invoice to the customer.

  • Invoices custody (for the invoice issuer).

Faccil custodies sent invoices on behalf of the issuer. European invoicing regulation imposes the duty to conserve sent invoices to the issuer. The preservation period usually is for 6 years.

  • Invoices custody (for the invoice receiver).

European invoicing regulation imposes the duty to conserve received invoices to the receiver in the original format. The preservation period usually is for 6 years. Faccil makes it easy to the receiver side to preserve received electronic invoices.

The combined  Faccil features regarding preservatio, legibility, access control, formats complinace and high quality electronic signature guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the invoices and the identity of the invoices sender.