Faccil (ENG)



  • Invoice editing service in PDF and facturae format with delegated electronic stamp.

This application will allow you to edit invoices for printing or use them as a draft electronic invoice. All invoices can be viewed at any time, with the possibility of copying or downloading online.

  • Electronic Stamping Service in XAdES-XL format (or PADES depending on the selected format) and electronic sending of the electronic invoice to customers.

Generation of electronic invoices with the same legal validity as paper invoices, as they contain an advanced electronic seal based on a qualified certificate and a qualified seal creation device. In addition, our advanced signature system incorporates a time stamp and certificate validity information to the invoice.

This service includes sending the generated electronic invoice to the client.

  • Invoice custody (for the issuer).

Faccil offers a custody service of the files sent to the Issuer. The European e-invoicing regulation imposes on the issuer the obligation to keep the invoice data, in particular the “matrix” or database that allows the generation of invoices. The retention will be for 6 years or a shorter period if the customer chooses to download the invoices to his computer system earlier.

  • Invoice custody (for the receiver).

One of the obligations of companies that receive electronic invoices is to keep them in the format in which they were received (electronic). Faccil facilitates this obligation to the receiver by offering a system of custody of the files received. The conservation will be carried out for 6 years or a shorter period if the receiver chooses to download the invoices to its computer system before.

Faccil’s utilities for invoice conservation, legibility, access control and electronic signature guarantee at all times the identity of the invoice issuer and that the invoice has not been altered since its issuance.

The Faccil solution was selected among the top 10 e-invoicing solutions in 2011.

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