Cloud computing based Timestamping

EADTRust sello de tiempo timestamp

At this moment, EADTrust is first and only Certification Service Provider that can provide a very high quality timestamping  service based in a Cloud Infraestructure which is designed to grow as demand does.

EADTrust can now deploy “cloudified” timestamping services in Microsoft Azure and in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

The ElasTIC Timestamping service is a high quality, high SLA, high volume service designed for professional aplications in eGovernement, eBanking and eInsurance environments.

It is being used by the most demanding systems using handwritten digitized advanced electronic signature: Citi Bank or Bankinter,to mention some of them

Alternatively, in some applications there is the option to contract “BET” Service (Best Effort Timestamping). A low cost service, which competes with generic timestamping services, with lower SLA as offered by other Certification Service Providers (CSP).

Contact with EADTrust, to know nore regarding the timestamping  service at +34 91 7150555