Electronic corporate services for shareholders

EADTrust foro electronico de accionistas electronic forum general meeting stakeholders

EADTrust, offers several corporate services oriented to shareholders. In particular those oriented to better serve them from a public company. Most of these services allow to comply with recent regulatory changes that make mandatory the availability of a web service, specifically tailored to shareholders needs.

These changing rules come from different european legislation such as the recent Directiva 2007/36/CE, del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 11 de julio, sobre el ejercicio de determinados derechos de los accionistas de sociedades cotizadas.

In Spain most of the changes are reflected in the “Sociedades de Capital” Law .

Our Attested Publication service certifies the publication of the notice of the Shareholders' Meeting.

One of the services is the  Foro Electrónico de Accionistas (Electronic Shareholder Forum) that among other opportunties, allows shareholders to contact each other, before Shareholders Annual General Meeting. EADTrust helps with ready-made Electronic Shareholder Forum, with PKI support accepting certificates from many certificatio authorities, including Spanish Citizen ID Card (DNI-e).

Electronic Vote in the Annual General Meeting is other requirement to which public companies should adapt. EADTrust helps with electronic voting solutions for the AGM or Board meetings (which can be held on-line).

The board or the management of the company are responsible of the authenticity of the publication in the company web page of the AGM notice and the availability of the annual meeting materials  online whithout interruption. EADTrust helps with authentic web supervision services (trusted witness) through our Attested Publication service.

To know more regarding  EADTrust corporate services, contact with +34 91 7160555.