“Cartulary” Digital document custody service


Cartulary is a multiuser platform developed under the model SaaS and available as a “Cloud Computing” service, and allos a fast integration with existing document management systems, to deploy Digital Trust Services.

This way, document exchange security and Records Trustworthiness are guaranteed while allowing electronic evidence management, even to the point to help present electronic records before court.

The technology behind Cartulary allow forensic examination of electronic documents, back Digital Evidence as a enterprise resource, help in Regulation Compliance and preserve secure document interchange and archive.

Among features, some worth mention:

  • Authentication,
  • Encryption,
  • Registry,
  • Recordability,
  • Audit tracking,
  • Integrity records,
  • Timestamping (both as internal service or provided by a Trust Service provider).
  • Metadata as a master record (electronic original) to provide Completness, Obliterability, Transferability

Different management levels allow to offer digital document preservation services to all kind of companies, banks, government agencies, municipalities, in a flexible and scalable way.

Can be invoked through its specific webservice to store and retrieve documents and manages a simple access method for users and citizens to compare paper copies with electronic “original” documents stored in the repository trough CSV (Código Seguro de Verificación) or SVC (Secure Verifcation Code).

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