Below we explain the steps to obtain an electronic certificate through EADTrust:

The issuance of an electronic certificate requires verification of the applicant’s identity, so you need to make an appointment:

In both cases, you will be asked for some minimum information (name, surname and contact details) as well as the type of electronic certificate you wish to purchase.

You will also have to choose the type of identification you wish: in person or by means of a document with an advanced electronic signature*.

* When the option selected is identification by electronic signature, it will not be necessary to identify yourself personally, but will be carried out at the time the contract is signed.

Before the date chosen to process the certificate, the client must proceed to make the payment. This can be done in the following ways:

  • By bank transfer to the account specified by EADTrust, from an account in which the client appears as the holder.
  • By postal order sent to the EADTrust offices, in which the client appears as the holder of the order.

When we confirm the payment, you will receive an email with a link to request the day and time you wish to come to our offices to verify your identity, as well as information regarding the documentation you must present and the payment of the certificate.

On the scheduled date and according to the identification mode:

  • Face-to-face: you will go to the EADTrust offices located in Calle Alba 15, 28043 Madrid, with the documentation.

You can learn about our Protocol on Health and Safety in Relation to the COVID 19.

After verification of the identity and documentation provided, the applicant will sign the contract of general and special conditions of the service. This may be done by handwritten signature, by certified e-mail or, in the cases indicated in the application, by advanced electronic signature.

The requested certificate will then be issued. The certificates can be stored in P12 File.

EADTrust can deliver the certificate and the information related to it through different channels:

  • Personally, in the same appointment in which the identity verification has taken place.
  • Through Noticeman, our certified e-mail service, when they are stored in a P12 file.
  • Through postal mail, when stored on card or token.

The subscriber has 10 days from the delivery of the certificate to ensure that it functions properly and, if necessary, to return it to the Certification Authority.

If a certificate is returned due to technical defects (e.g. malfunction of the certificate storage, problems with program compatibility, technical error in the certificate, etc.) or errors in the data contained in the certificate, EADTrust will revoke the issued certificate and issue a new one.

If you wish to revocate your certificate before the ending of its validity date, please fill in the form that you can find in this link.


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