Electronic Voting

In order to ensure transparency and governance, corporations are increasingly willing to involve their shareholders in decision-making processes. However, despite being in an interconnected world, the physical presence of people is still required in order to express their wishes and participate in votings.

That is why we have created INNOVOTO.

INNOVOTO, is a platform specially developed for the incorporation of electronic voting and the delegation of electronic representation in the General Shareholders’ Meetings, as well as in other participation bodies.

It allows a company’s shareholders to exercise their right to vote from anywhere in the world, in real time, without having to travel to the place where the meeting is being held to express their will.


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Its open structure contemplates all the existing variants in the voting

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It allows user authentication by simple, advanced or recognized signature

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It can be adapted to all types of devices, encouraging the use of smartphones and tablets

INNOVOTO is the simplest and safest way to implement electronic voting for electoral processes of all types of groups.

Our solution is designed specifically for each client, with personalised professional advice.


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