According to the Corporate Enterprises Act, corporations must set up an electronic forum to facilitate communication with shareholders before the General Meetings are held.

EADTrust has developed a simple and complete solution called “Electronic Forum of Shareholders” for the secure and efficient communication between stakeholders, making it easier for them to send their comments for publication in the Forum.


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We use SSL certificates that guarantee the confidentiality of communications, and they allow, if desired, confirmation of the identity of shareholders through the use of electronic ID or other certificates.

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The organizers of the Meeting do not need to take any action for this management.

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EADTrust continuously supervises the forums to guarantee an appropriate and moderate use of the comments and alerts the contact person of the company if it is necessary to act in order to evaluate the relevant ones.

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The service includes the adaptation of an Electronic Forum of Shareholders Regulation model to the peculiarities of the company, and recommendations to link it from the company's website.


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