Advanced Electronic Signature by Biometrics

EADTrust offers the service of Advanced Electronic Signature Audit by Biometrics to entities that have implemented digital signature management systems with technologies that allow them to be framed between the advanced electronic signatures defined by the European Regulation UE 910/2014 (eIDAS).

EADTrust has designed a Methodology of 10 principles that encompass the requirements and standards required in national and European legislation for electronic signatures with the versatility that can be applied both in platforms, as components that are part of complete solutions and systems identification and validation of identity based on biometric parameters, among which are:

  • Graphology (recognition of handwritten signature)
  • Phonometry (Voice Recognition)

The entities and solutions that surpass the audit obtain a certificate of compliance, the recognition of “advanced signature digitalized READY”, which means that with them the integration of digitized advanced signature solutions is facilitated that later can be audited with greater ease and less cost; as well as the authorization to use the logo (seal of quality) in the devices, in the offices, on the website, in a way that transmits confidence to users.


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