Certified Scanning is a process that converts paper documents to digital images. This certified scanning does not just limit to making a copy of the document, but it includes image enhancements (straightening, smear removal, color enhancement…), optical character recognition (OCR) and even an electronic signature.

The process consists of the continuous capture of the physical document by a scanner. From there, the information extracted from the scanned document is indexed and a series of metadata (date of creation, author…) is applied to it. The document is then stored.

To be able to carry out this digitalization, we use a suitable software, so EADTrust offers auditing services of Certified Digitalization solutions for entities that require the homologation of the invoice and document digitalization system.

We audit solutions according to different regulations:


ENS rules
Digitalization of invoices that incorporate an electronic signature


ENIS rules
Digitization of documentation for submission to the registry


EJIS System
Digitalization of documentation for legal proceedings

EADTrust has developed a methodology of audits which is adjusted to the needs of the client and which has the following scope:

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To analyze and study the technological architecture used for the digitalization project.

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To recommend the best technologies applicable to the project.

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To advise on legal aspects in the development of products and/or services.

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To provide support in the drafting of the technical document and the quality plan established by the standard.

Our main goal is to verify that the software offers a guaranteed system to the user and that it has full legal validity. To this end, we have a team of experts who will ensure that it complies with the regulations.

The entities and solutions that pass the audit obtain a certificate of compliance and authorization to use the logo (quality seal) on the devices, in the offices, on the website, so that they transmit confidence to the users.


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