EADTrust merger

The common merger project through which Atenea Interactiva, S.L. is merging with EAD TRUST European Agency of Digital Trust, S.L. has been formulated on October, the 27th of 2016. Once formulated, both companies are about to approve the Merger Project in their respective shareholder meeting, scheduled for December the 7th, 2016.

New ISO 9001 – ISO 20000-1 – ISO 27001 certifications for EADTrust

Recently, during this september 2016 EADTrust has passed a new assessment of its Integrated Management System in compliance of  a number of standards. At present, EADTrust is certified regarding international standards “UNE EN ISO 9001:2015“, “UNE ISO/IEC 27001:2014” and “UNE ISO/IEC 200001:2011″, through LRQA Business Assurance entity, with the following scope: The Integrated Information Management System granting support to consultancy, audit, development […]

Firvox, first voice based certified electronic signature

EADTrust has made public that Firvox Platform by Biometric Vox is the first fully compliant voice based electronic signature. Firvox platform has ben under escrutiny by EADTrust in application of specific assessment methodolgy for voice based advanced electronic signatures. The platform follows closelly the regulatory framework of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for […]

Chartulary Blockchain Project in EADTrust

Electronic evidence custody systems of EADTrust use a “chained hashes” preservation mechanism since the creation of the entity in 2009, and it was already used previously by the promoters of this company. This technology later proved to be very similar to the new system called “Blockchain” (defined in the document by Satoshi Nakamoto “Bitcoin: A […]

New information regarding EADTrust in Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism web site

There is new information regarding EADTrust, European Agency of Digital Trust. in Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism web sitec. This Ministry hold information regarding Trust Service Providers in Spain. EADTrust Identificatin Company name: EAD TRUST European Agency of Digital Trust, S.L. VAT number: B-85626240 Telephone: 902365612 Address: C/ Méntrida, 6, Madrid (Madrid) – 28043 Public Registry: […]

“Cartulary” Digital document custody service

Cartulary is a multiuser platform developed under the model SaaS and available as a “Cloud Computing” service, and allos a fast integration with existing document management systems, to deploy Digital Trust Services. This way, document exchange security and Records Trustworthiness are guaranteed while allowing electronic evidence management, even to the point to help present electronic records before court.De esta forma, […]

eIdAS – European Council adopts electronic identification and trust services regulation

The Council of the European Union adopted the past 23 july 2014 a regulation which lays down conditions for mutual recognition of electronic identification; sets rules for trust services, in particular for electronic transactions; and creates a legal framework for electronic signatures, seals and time stamps, electronic documents as well as electronic registered delivery services and certificate services for website authentication (PE-CONS 60/14; statement: 11733/14 ADD 1). The […]

Registered email with content and delivery proof

Noticeman is the name of this service, provided by EADTrust and available since 2011. It provides registered electronic mail services (or electronic delivery as is named nowadays) that are valid in all european countries since “Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market” regulation was aproved in april 2014 and published later that year. With this […]

ISO/TR 17068:2012. Information and documentation – Trusted third party repository for digital records.

ISO/TR 17068:2012. Information and documentation  – Trusted third party repository for digital records. This standard establishes the requirements to be fulfilled by a third party service that both parties considered the guarantor of the authenticity of the documents . It is an option that is being used in other jurisdictions to exchange documents. This standard is […]

Certificates renovation

The past days EADTrust generated new certificates since some of the previous were not valid any more. Now the current TSA (Timestamping Authority) certificates are: TSA 2. This is our “ElasTIC” resilient timestamping service deployed over Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). With high SLA (Service Level Agreement). Valid from 06/03/2013 to 06/03/2023 TSA 3. This is […]